DOCE @ Tijuana

DOCE – August 1, 2016 – December 15, 2016
La Caja Galería
Callejón de las Moras # 118-B, Col. 20 de Noviembre Tijuana, B.C.

For Yunuen Esparza the die is cast. Inspired by her personal surroundings, the artist presents this series titled DOCE (Twelve). We recognize at a glance scenes of domestic life, contemporary still-lifes that turn our attention to our home and lead us to appreciate the  aesthetic value that exists in such everyday things as a shelf with books, a chest a cupboard with toys or food.

Yunuen’s palette is very vivid and contrasting. Such a feature, coupled with the fragmentary technique that represents shapes from small geometric figures, gives her work a particularly playful tone. Every piece evokes a kaleidoscope, a puzzle or even the illustrations with which
you learn to draw.

With the aid of a mobile app, Yunuen shows that there are multiple planes of meaning to her work. Every piece is charged with different stories. In this alternate plane of creation she reveals the hidden meaning of each painting. Presenting fish, rams, crabs, lions and scorpions that come to life using a smart phone. Using a fresh dose of satirical humor, she leaves the door open for interpretation. The spectator can figure out if the figures are merely animals or something bigger. She gives us a clue with the name of each painting.

— Adriana Martínez Noriega, Curadora